Hospice Care in Denton

Denton Hospice Services


Alpha Omega offers general hospice care in Denton, Texas and the surrounding areas. When your loved one is entering the end stage of an end stage illness, it is our mission to ensure their comfort and care. Along with providing the patient with the best quality of life possible, we also offer emotional support to the patient as well as family members and friends at this difficult time.

Alpha Omega Hospice is not a place where your loved one will go once s/he enters the last stage of his or her illness. We come to the patient – whether that means visiting them in the hospital, nursing home, or more than likely – in the home. Most hospice patients wish to be at home during this time, surrounded by the comforts that are brought about by familiarity.

Accepting that someone you deeply love and care about has reached a point of needing hospice care in Fort Worth can be difficult to process. Turning to our hospice team during this time will make the transition easier on everyone involved.

Our team’s goal is to successfully meet each patient’s specific needs and wants during their time in hospice care. Regular visits to your home or the location of the patient will be made in order to provide expert pain management and palliative care. Hospice care is no longer curative, and seeks to comfort terminal patients as they move toward the end of their disease.

We are a ministry of care and compassion. Alpha Omega Hospice works with the patient’s current physician(s) and their official diagnoses in order to allow home care during this time. We know that facing the end of your loved one’s life is never easy. We’ve made it our mission to help ease the strain by developing a care plan that focuses on providing physical, emotional and spiritual care.

As your loved one reaches the end stage of an illness, it is crucial that pain and suffering be relieved so that this stage of life can be as enjoyable as possible. This will allow the patient to spend crucial time with friends, family and pets during this time. Our team of hospice professionals affirms life and doesn’t hasten or postpone the inevitable; rather we make it possible for end of life to be filled with dignity and integrity.

Our hospice team is directed by a team of medical professionals and includes doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, social workers, volunteers and chaplains. We also support the bereavement of friends and family when the end of the illness has been reached and your loved one passes away.

 Fort Worth: 817.383.2240 | Surrounding: 844.617.6440