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The term ‘hospice’ is traditionally defined as a house of shelter or rest for pilgrims or travelers as they grow weary. Today, due to exceptional advances in the medical field, patients are living much longer with illnesses than ever before. Alpha Omega is here for your loved one to provide care and support as they too, grow weary.

Our team provides general Fort Worth hospice care and in surrounding areas. While receiving hospice care, no extraordinary measures will be taken to extend the life of the patient. Rather, the focus shifts to providing the patient with good pain control and emotional support while no longer attempting to provide a cure.

An end stage illness is one that has been determined by a certified physician to be incurable. These illnesses are expected to end with the passing away of the patient in a relatively short (usually < six months) time. When patients have been told by their physicians that their disease is no longer curable, Alpha Omega Hospice is here to provide necessary care.

Our Fort Worth hospice team will come to the patient, who is usually at home during this phase of disease. Most people who are facing a terminal diagnosis find that home brings them a great deal of comfort that cannot be found in a hospital or nursing home setting.

Alpha Omega Hospice monitors the patient’s progress, vital signs, and most importantly – comfort. The main goal of hospice care is to ensure that end stage patients are comfortable so that they may spend precious moments with and say goodbyes to their friends and family. We allow them to move through the end of their illness with peace.

Pain medication will be administered at doses that keep the patient out of pain. Sleeping aids can be given so that your loved one can still get some soul-restoring rest.

Many hospice patients wonder who will be in charge of their care during the end of their illness. The patient may wish for his/her current doctor to make all decisions regarding their care at this time, or an Alpha Omega doctor can take over and direct care during your loved one’s time in hospice care in Fort Worth with Alpha Omega Hospice.

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